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Serving Missouri AND Arkansas

Jeff Gerken of Gerken & Associates is now licensed to sell in Arkansas as well as Missouri. He comments, “Getting Licensed in Arkansas just made sense. This allows me, and now Gerken & Associates, to expand into a market that is right next do...

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Branson Rain is…COOL!

Rain rain go away come again another day today! A lot of people may think that the Tri-Lakes Branson, Missouri area is just a place that offers outdoor outlet malls, outdoor mini golf, outdoor zip lines, outdoor theme parks, outdoor ...

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The Eternal Value of a Donut

The donut shop opens at 5:30am. Of course I am not a morning person until AFTER I eat my donut. So I get there about 8:00am. Donuts are still fresh of course, just like I want them as I easily hand over my dollar bill, no questions asked even t...

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Why a Branson Realtor

Why a Branson Realtor®?

When you go clothes shopping who do you take with you? Who do you ask to check if there is something in your teeth? Who do you call when you are in a bind and need help? When your emotions get the best of you, who do you call for support? Mo...

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