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Thinking of selling real estate?

Us too! Every day! We find real estate to be fun, exciting, and it gives us the freedom to work with each of our own personal lifestyles.

In our office we are proud to serve as leaders on the Tri-Lakes Board and volunteer for local charities. We care about each other, our clients, and our community. Our agents are elevated to bigger opportunities to shine as individuals with hands on additional education, customized goal setting, and genuine camaraderie.

We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere of friends working with friends to the highest of ethical standards. We want first class service when we buy or sell…and so that is exactly what we provide to our clients. In our office we know each other’s names, your kid’s name…and even your pets! Because we care to know who you are and what you want your lifestyle to be!

If you’re interested in learning more about the culture and lifestyle of an agent at Gerken & Associates, give us a call! Shannon, our Director of Operations, is always happy to help regardless of whether you are just starting to consider real estate, currently in school, or a seasoned agent. We look forward to meeting you and you meeting us!

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