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RPAC: Advocating for Realtors and Homeownership

Gerken & Associates was recognized by the Tri-Lakes Board of REALTORS with the 2023 Small Office RPAC award. The award was presented at the Realtors annual installation banquet Thursday evening, December 7th. The Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC) operates as a voluntary, non-profit organization funded by contributions from Realtor members. The mission of the Realtor PAC is to support political candidates advocating for property rights which includes affordable housing, land use regulations, and mortgage financing.

Upon real estate licensees joining the Realtor association, they pledge “to protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it.” Political candidates on the local, state and national level know the Realtor association, through its PAC as a stalwart advocate for property rights. Realtors navigate the complex interplay between real estate and politics via the Realtor PAC. The Realtor PAC tirelessly defends and fosters a conducive environment for homeownership and property investment.

As a commitment to their Realtor pledge, the 14 Realtors at Gerken & Associates were recognized with the award for the largest amount contributed by an office of its size. Gerken & Associates has been an annual winner of the award since its inception.

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