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5 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School


A new school year often raises excitement for kids, however a new school year along with a new school can sometimes be another story. It can be stressful for a child to come into a new school. Depending on the age, some children may act out, some may be very quiet, while others may be very excited to go to a new school. It’s important to stay in tune and help your kids while they adjust. Here are some great tips on how to do just that!

#1 Include Them

Arrange for a tour of the school, attend orientation together. Getting familiar with the surroundings before the First Day can help put your child’s mind at ease. Don’t forget to ask for a list of all the extra-curricular activities and sports activities. Knowing the “extras” can help get your child excited about new opportunities.

#2 Accomplishments

Remind your child of all the other “firsts” they have had and how well they accomplished them…first lost tooth, first friend, first pet, first award. Applaud them for venturing out and trying something new and remind them of how great they were once they tried it. Build their confidence.

#3 Find a Friend

Everyone’s more comfortable once they know someone. See if the Counselor can suggest a soon-to-be-classmate for a play date prior to school starting. Or maybe attend summer school. It’s often much smaller in attendance and may not be as intimidating to your child.

#4 Make Time

Find opportunities to talk with your child about what worries them the most and what excites them the most about starting in a new school. Knowing those things will help you to understand them and know how to comfort and reassure them.

#5 Routine & Patience

Less change, less to stress about. Try your best to keep your schedule as normal as possible. Be ready to be patient. Some children can take several months to adjust to a new school. Every child deals with change differently. Be understanding and remain positive. What your child may need most is just someone to listen.

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